Dayle Krall is The Houdini Girl!



" I know we've been asking you for years but please come on America's Got Talent this year! Your escapes are amazing and you've got something we've never seen before!"

...Olivia S, AGT Producer

" Thank you so very much for your absolutely amazing contribution to the film.

I have seen the rushes and they look brilliant, everything we did with you both looks wonderful, we are really pleased and you both look and sound great on camera. I know there were time restrictions and the stage wasn't perfect but the results are great.

It was a huge commitment to come all that way, such an epic and uncomfortable journey but it was really worth it, and I hope you also feel that when you see the film. We are all in debted to you for your talent, tenacity and kindness,

Much love and thanks, "

...Louise, Tom, Alan and the Team (Director, Producer and Star of the hit documentary Perspectives: The Magic of Houdini with Alan Davies)
Dayle underwater!

" You are the #1 female escapologist entertainer. "

...Rick Mang

" You are f***in' awesome!"

...Cory Faulkner, First Assistant Director, Fargo

" Dayle's escapes are stunning, raw and hardcore."

...Steve Baker, Escape Artist Legend

" I also think Dayle so owns the tank. I wish her much more recognition for her abilities. "

...John Bundy, Master Illusionist

" I love all you guys do and I think you excel in keeping that tradition of great mysteries alive and that is missing a lot today."

...Norm Bigelow, Escape artist legend

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